Forest Wonderland Attractions

forest wonderland

If you love the forest, you will surely love a trip to a forest wonderland. Its attractions will surely keep you entertained for hours. Check out Dendritic Dreams, Avalanche Slide, and Tulgey Wood, where you can find a wide range of weird and wacky creatures.

Tulgey Wood

The magical realm of Alice in Wonderland includes a forest called Tulgey Wood. This never-ending wood is home to many bizarre creatures. You may even encounter the infamous Cheshire Cat.

Dendritic Dreams

Dendritic Dreams is a multi-media art installation that combines oversized mushroom climbers, slides, and immersive art cottages with a forest theme. It will debut at the 2022 Burning Man festival in Nevada.

Avalanche Slide

An avalanche slide is a natural disaster Stephen Gleave Ancaster that occurs on a slope. The slide is caused by the movement of snow and ice on the weak layer of the snowpack. This movement creates large crowns and spectacular slides. However, it is unusual for a slide to be triggered by propogation. Until now, avalanche hazards have been limited to large machinery and explosively triggered slides. However, as the snow melts, the avalanche hazards are changing.

Millions of lights

The Missouri Botanical Garden hosts an annual Christmas light show called Garden Glow. This spectacular display features hundreds of thousands of lights, a climatron, and attractions such as Kaeser Memorial Maze and Tower Grove House. You can also take a tour of the lights in a special drive-through at Grant’s Farm. It is recommended that you make reservations for this event in advance.

Nature-themed art installation

At this forest wonderland in southern France, visitors can experience a Nature-themed art installation. In a unique way, the artist has combined the natural environment with art, making the work the opposite of “plop-art.” This exhibition aims to encourage visitors to spend more time outdoors, giving them a greater appreciation of nature. The exhibition is free and open to the public.


A new series starring the Care Bears will debut on the Boomerang premium streaming service on February 1, 2019, and will feature fifteen of the 39 bears from the Care Bears franchise. The series order includes forty-eight 11-minute regular episodes, two 22-minute specials, and 20 shorts. The new series will also feature new characters like Oopsy Bear.


During the holidays, the Enchanted Forest Festival of Trees displays whimsically decorated trees and woodland creatures like penguins in the snow. The event started as a holiday display by George Hettinger, a former display director of Goldsmith’s, a leading department store in the city.

Alice in Wonderland

In Alice in Wonderland, there is a magical forest called Tulgey Wood. In this forest, one can find many strange creatures. Unlike other forests, Tulgey Wood is never ending and it is easy to get lost if you don’t know where you are.