Aerial Drone Services

Aerial Drone Services provide high-end aerial inspections, which include power lines, bridges, transmission lines, mines, construction projects, roofs and building sites. Their primary pilot and instructor are FAA certified for both helicopters and drones, and they can provide their customers hundreds of hours of aerial footage that meets their exact specifications. They can also fly high above the area to survey it, while providing clear, unobstructed views to the ground. From here, they can make any necessary adjustments or re-landings. Most aerial and drone services are available in the United States, as well as in a few other countries.

aerial and drone services

Companies that provide aerial and drone services have seen an increase in business over the past year or so. This is likely due to the fact that these devices have drastically increased in the public’s eye, as evidenced by news reports about them and Hollywood movies like Independence Day that show aerial views of large cities from the sky. Celebrities have also been photographed using drones for personal photos and filming, as well. The public’s fascination with drone technology is not a new one; many filmmakers use aerial photography during certain filming projects. One of the most common uses is for news reporting, especially when disaster strikes an area and aerial photos are impossible to obtain. Businesses have also begun to use aerial and drone technology to inspect manufacturing plants and production facilities, even when the ground cannot be accessed quickly.

While businesses and the general public are more accustomed to viewing drone videos on YouTube and other video sharing websites, the real thrill lies in seeing actual live footage from drone cameras. As the public becomes more familiar with aerial filming, they are also becoming more open to the idea of drone operators flying over their private property. Drones allow owners to remain in control of the aerial filming on a daily basis, allowing them to check on their crops or gardens, take stock of their storage units, or check employees as they arrive at work. These same properties can also be used for video tours of large hotels or attractions, allowing potential customers to view the establishment while being entertained and protected from the elements. This not only makes for an exciting virtual tour, but it also offers a valuable business opportunity for drone operators.

Aside from using their remote aerial vehicle to scout out new territory for new clients, drone services can also be used for a host of other outdoor purposes. Companies and homeowners can use their drones to film outdoor scenes for news footage, or they can assist the military in their search for elusive terrorists. Many of these companies specialize in searching for abandoned homes or property, which can provide the missing link in many missing persons searches. They may also seek out hit-and-run accidents, which may lead the police to the culprit.

It’s important to remember, though, that ageagle aerial imagery isn’t used for everyone. Companies that own private planes or helicopters aren’t permitted to fly drones on their own, and if they want to keep one of their aircraft in the air indefinitely, they have to allow passengers to use it. Likewise, people who operate or own boats are also prohibited from flying their drones on their boats unless they also permit passengers to use the craft. The use of drones by restricted users, such as the military, is considered a serious offense, and those who violate can face significant legal repercussions.

Not all UAVs, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, are used for offensive purposes. There are also some very useful commercial UAVs for a variety of commercial applications. For example, although the United States Federal Aviation Administration (or FAA) has regulations against the operation of model airplanes or helicopters in certain places, businesses can safely use small, lightweight, and easy-to-fly UAVs for inspecting construction sites without interfering with other aircraft. Most states, as well, have laws against operating an unlicensed remote aerial vehicle, so businesses that are interested in using UAVs in their line of work would do well to research whether their state requires a license, and how to apply for one.