Temporary Cooling Hire – A Practical and Cost-Effective Solution

If your business’s air conditioning fails, or if the weather turns hotter than usual, you need to be ready with an alternative solution. Temporary cooling hire is a practical and cost-effective solution to help your business remain operational and keep your employees productive in the event of an unexpected air conditioning malfunction or unplanned weather conditions.

Whether you need to cool an individual room or a large industrial space, we can provide you with a temporary solution to fit your needs. We offer air-cooled portable AC units, water-cooled portable AC units and evaporative temporary cooling hire fans to suit any space and environment. All of our temperature control equipment is available for both short and long-term rental, with a range of sizes available to suit your requirements.

When it comes to determining the correct size of portable air conditioner, you will need to know the amount of square footage that you are looking to cool down. Providing your rental company with this information will ensure that you receive the right size of portable air conditioning unit for your space. This will enable you to maintain a comfortable working environment without over-cooling your workspace.

A well-sized temporary AC unit will be able to effectively regulate temperatures, and it will also dehumidify the area as necessary. The sizing process will consider the size of the spaces that are being cooled as well as any additional factors that may affect air circulation.

Our water-cooled portable AC units are a streamlined solution for many cooling needs, and can be easily transported from one place to another as needed. They do require an appropriate power supply, a water supply and a drain outlet to work. This is not a complex installation and can be done quickly and easily by our technicians.

Water-cooled portable air conditioning units are ideal for use in any environment that requires a controlled temperature, including pharmaceutical production facilities and food manufacturing plants. In these types of settings, the water-cooled portable AC unit is a safe and efficient solution for keeping processes running smoothly when the air conditioning fails or in case of unplanned weather conditions.

We can even provide a temporary refrigeration system, allowing you to quickly store and protect products that require a chilled environment. This type of temporary solution can be located inside or outside your warehouse space depending on your requirements and is perfect for all crop, perishable or finished product storage.