Asphalt Paving Materials

If you’re looking for asphalt paving materials, you have many options. There’s Hot mix asphalt, HMA Ultra-Thin, and Flatliner. All of these materials can be applied to the surface of a driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot. You’ll want to choose the one that is right for your project.

Hot mix asphalt

Hot mix asphalt paving is a process that involves mixing and placing asphalt at a certain temperature. The proper temperature is determined by the manufacturer of the material. In addition, hot mix asphalt should be applied in a uniform manner. It should be placed to the desired grade and cross section. Then, the hot mix asphalt should be compacted.

Hot mix asphalt is the most popular mix for paving because it offers impermeable properties. Its name comes from the aggregate size that is added during the mixing process. It is available in fine and coarse grades, and is suitable for most traffic conditions. It also exhibits good structural and frictional properties.

There are many types of hot mix asphalt paving mixtures. Each type has its own characteristics. The main components of hot mix asphalt are aggregate and asphalt binder. The optimal combination of these two components depends on the type of asphalt pavement that is to be constructed.

HMA Ultra-Thin

The application of ultra-thin HMA overlays is a cost-effective method to improve the quality of a road’s surface while simultaneously reducing noise and traffic. This¬†Granite Northwest Grading And Paving method can be applied to existing concrete pavements that are structurally sound and do not exhibit significant surface distress.

HMA Ultra-Thin asphalt paving is suitable for rigid and flexible pavements, and the process can be used to repair minor pavement imperfections and address oxidation. It can improve the surface’s friction, improve ride quality, and reduce road noise. During paving, the existing pavement should be sealed to avoid any cracking and deterioration of the surface.

The smoothness of the asphalt surface has also been appreciated by the Hallet Motor Speedway, which opened in 1976 but was showing its age after several years. The installation of HMA Ultra-Thin asphalt has ensured a safe racecourse surface. Similarly, the Atlanta Motor Speedway, which features high-banking turns, was paved with the HMA Ultra-Thin asphalt paving.


The Flatliner asphalt paving skid steer attachment levels roughness on pavement surfaces and smooths high spots and irregularities without impacting the surface. It is the ideal tool for maintenance projects, bump grinding, pavement marking removal, and coatings removal. With its flat teeth and machined holder system, Flatliner sets a new industry standard for pavement smoothness.

It is one of the most important pieces of equipment used in asphalt paving. It is equipped with a rotor blade and is used to pulverize old pavement and mix new material subbase to give a smooth surface. It is also used to apply a sealcoat to prevent water from eroding the asphalt layer. The flatliner and roller machines are essential for asphalt paving jobs.