Calgary Advertising Agencies

Choosing the right Calgary advertising agency can make a huge difference to your business. These professionals will help you reach your target market with eye-catching ads that will appeal to the audience. They will also help you design billboards and package designs. You can also find agencies that offer social media management services. However, not all of these Calgary advertising agencies are created equal. It is important to take your time and find the best agency to work with. You want to get the best results possible so you will get the best ROI from your advertising campaign.

Highwood Communications was a leading Calgary advertising agency during the 1980s. It was led by Barry Styles, who was very closely connected to Ralph Klein. Styles was also involved in the campaign for Stockwell Day. He served as a charter member of the Buffalo Group. Highwood was very successful in winning the Calgary Stampede account, but in 1998, Highwood went bankrupt. He left unpaid bills totaling $582,220.

During the 1990s, Highwood Communications was an advertising firm of record for four Saskatchewan government departments. In 1998, the firm was declared bankrupt. It was not affiliated with the Progressive Conservatives or any other political party. One Highwood executive joined Klein’s leadership team.

The company took $6.5 million in public money last year. However, Calgary advertising agencies Highwood filed for bankruptcy protection. The government viewed this as a conflict of interest. The agency owed money to media companies. The Klein government changed the way advertising agencies are paid. They are paid based on the overall cost of buying space in media. This type of payment is not in the best interest of the client.

A marketing and advertising agency in Calgary, Flipp Advertising has been in business for eight years. Their primary services are web design, branding, social media marketing, and PPC. The company also provides conversion optimization and digital strategy. In addition, they specialize in enterprise-level clients.

Paper Crane revitalizes businesses through expertly crafted visual identities. They also provide digital strategy and PPC services. The company has around 20 employees. In addition, they run contests to promote a client’s business.

The marketing team at William Joseph Communications provides branding strategies, lead generation, creative designs, and personalised approaches. They are passionate about helping companies succeed. Their goal is to provide amazing digital experiences for their customers. The agency has offices in Calgary, Vancouver, Phoenix, and Tel-Aviv.

The marketing team at URBA Media specializes in social media marketing services. They also offer content marketing, graphic design, web design, and PPC services. In addition, they have offices in Calgary and New York. The company posts pictures of their clients’ food on their social media accounts.

The marketing team at Flipp Advertising also provides digital strategy. They also help companies develop their brand through branding and graphic design. They have worked with many award-winning Calgary advertising agencies. In addition, they have helped an e-commerce retailer relaunch its business. They have also helped a recruitment agency rebrand its efforts.