Cetus Auto – Exhaust Repair in Calgary

Located in downtown Calgary, Cetus Auto is a multi award winning family run shop that specializes in repairing and modifying your prized possession. Having a fleet of qualified technicians can prevent a minor mishap from becoming a major catastrophe. This is especially true of older trucks and SUVs that need a little TLC. Having a fleet of seasoned professionals to hand will have you driving around Calgary looking like a well oiled machine in no time.

The company offers its customers a wide range of services including but not limited to exhaust repair in Calgary, car scratch repairs, and oil change and inspection. As you may have guessed, the best part about the company is that it’s affordable and its technicians are professional and courteous. Moreover, the company offers a slew of warranties for their parts and services. Some of the more lucrative deals include lifetime warranties on most parts and labor, as well as a no hassle money back guarantee.

You’ll also want to test your shocks for leaks. If you notice a leak, you’ll want to have your suspension checked as soon as possible. A leak may also indicate that the seals are worn or broken. This¬†http://www.cetusautomotive.com/exhaust-repair-calgary/ is particularly important if you notice your car’s steering isn’t functioning properly.

You may need to have your suspension checked if your car is pulling to one side, especially during turns. Pulling to one side will affect the safety of you and your passengers, and may also cause other problems, such as uneven tire wear. Pulling in a straight line can also lead to brake and tire problems.

The best Calgary car repair shops also offer the best customer service. They’ll take the time to explain your car’s needs to you, and they’ll offer friendly reminders when it’s time for you to get your vehicle serviced. They’ll also provide you with an estimate on how much it’ll cost before you even bring your car in. Some shops even offer free services and discounts, which are great ways to save money. They’ll also do the most complicated car repairs and maintenance tasks, such as engine repair, transmission repair, and brake repair.