Facial and Body Treatments by Visage

When looking for a facial or body treatment, Visage is a great option. They offer a variety of options that are custom tailored to the needs of each customer. Facials can improve your skin health and appearance while body treatments can reduce stress and help you relax. You can also opt for a combination of facial and body treatments to get the best results.


Bio-Visage body treatments target fat loss and tighten the skin to give the body a more youthful appearance. The microcurrent technique is painless and provides instant visible results. The treatment can also help reduce cellulite and clear up acne. When used in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise program, Bio-Visage treatments can help you lose unwanted fat and maintain a youthful appearance.

Bio-Visage body treatments are an all-natural alternative to plastic surgery. These treatments are non-invasive and contain no dangerous chemicals or side effects. These procedures work by reactivating cellular activity and increasing oxygen levels. The treatments also promote an overall more youthful appearance by reestablishing the power of muscle fiber contraction.

Sciton SkinTyte

Sciton SkinTyte facial body treatments are a fast and effective way to tighten skin on the face and body. The laser system is non-invasive, pain-free, and delivers energy to the deepest layers of the skin. This Visage Beauty Body Treatments results in long-lasting, firmer skin. Moreover, the procedure requires no recovery period or downtime.

This non-invasive treatment will tighten the skin using BroadBand Light (BBL). This procedure uses light to modify the expression of genes associated with aging. Patients can also experience a more youthful appearance using this treatment.


Threading for visage body treatments are an excellent choice for those who wish to keep their faces looking youthful and supple, without the risk of ingrown hairs or undergoing an invasive procedure. This natural treatment is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones. The technique is safe and effective, and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

There are several types of threads available, including the Aptos threads which are known for their exceptional longevity and innovative composition. Aptos threads were developed in 1987 by Dr Marlen Sulamanidze. These sutures were the first to have barbed ends, which completely revolutionised the practice of thread lifts. The company’s products have won many awards, including ‘Best Tightening Thread’ at the 2018 AMEC Live & Visage, and have earned a solid reputation within the aesthetics community.

Threading alternative to facial hair removal

If you want a gentle, inexpensive alternative to hot waxing, consider threading. This ancient practice involves using two long pieces of cotton thread to catch and remove unwanted facial hair. Threading works by lifting the hair directly from the follicle, leaving you with a smooth, clean look. It is not as painful as waxing or shaving, and it’s safe for all skin types.

Threading was traditionally used in Asia to remove hairs, but the technique has been popularized throughout the world in recent years. Threading is a fast, painless way to remove facial hair, and is comparable to at-home IPL treatments.

Threading for cellulite reduction

Threading is an effective treatment for reducing cellulite and restoring skin elasticity. The procedure is performed by using absorbable threads, which stimulate collagen production under the skin. The collagen that forms underneath the skin will continue to firm for months or even years after the threads have been removed.

It is a non-surgical procedure that is effective for most people. It does not leave wounds or scarring. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or combined with other face-lifting procedures.