Industrial Heater Manufacturers

Before purchasing an industrial heater, consider the type of power source it will need. You may want to look for single-phase, three-phase, or direct-current models. The type of power source also determines how quickly heat can be transferred. One of the best ways to determine what type of power supply your industrial heater needs is to read the watt density.

Cartridge heaters

An industrial cartridge heater is an electrical device that is used to heat materials, such as metals and ceramics. It works by passing alternating current through a sheath made of metal or ceramic. Typically, the sheath is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel or Incoloy 800. Depending on the application, different alloys are used.

Cartridge heaters are available in different sizes and styles. They can be used in various applications, including bag sealing, platens, and cutting jaws. Other common parts that cartridge heaters can heat include welded discs, stainless steel tubes, ceramic disc insulators, ceramic heads, and lead or nickel-chrome wire. The companies also offer accessories, such as ceramic terminals and high-temperature ring options.

Screw plug heaters

Screw plug industrial heater manufacturers offer a variety of models with different features and capacities. These heaters can be used for a variety of applications, including heating liquids and gases. They are commonly used in the food and beverage industry. They are also used in laboratories and clinics to heat liquids and flammable gases.

Screw plug immersion heaters are ideal for heating liquids and gases directly. They feature a wide variety of features, including a variety of screw plug sizes, wattage, materials, and terminal box styles. The units are easy to install and remove because of their threaded fittings. They are also compatible with industrial heater manufacturers a variety of tank types and are available with a companion coupling. They are primarily designed for horizontal applications, though you can find versions with longer cold zones for vertical installations.

Electro-heat heaters

Electro-heat industrial heaters have many benefits over traditional fuel-based heating units. They do not produce fumes or require fuel storage or transport, and can be customized to meet precise requirements. In addition to being safe and environmentally friendly, they offer fast response times, allowing them to be implemented anywhere in the processing plant. Electric heating systems also provide significant adjustability, allowing manufacturers to easily monitor energy usage and avoid extensive energy losses.

Industrial heating appliances need to be properly installed and maintained. Proper cleaning and regular maintenance can significantly reduce the frequency of repairs and replacements. For example, the Department of Energy recommends cleaning electric heaters twice a year. Some manufacturers recommend cleaning them every six months, but this may be impractical for long-term use, particularly for devices that run continuously. For this reason, you should select an ongoing maintenance routine that suits your operating needs.