What is a Cream Charger?


A cream-charger is a steel cylinder filled with nitrous oxide. It is used to make whipped cream. The gas is released after the foil covering is broken. A pin is then placed inside the whipped cream dispenser to break the foil and release the gas. The whipped cream dispenser then uses the nitrous oxide as a whipping agent. In some cases, the charger is also used to make ice cream.


A cream charger is an appliance that will whip up whipped cream for hot drinks or dessert toppings. It can also infuse solid flavours into liquids. This process is called foaming and can be done in minutes instead of weeks. It makes perfect foams and espumas and can be used in vegan recipes. It is an essential part of a variety of dessert recipes and can make volume quantities of whipped cream in a flash.

Shelf life

If you’re looking for a new whipped cream dispenser, you may be wondering how long the chargers last. The answer is that the chargers last up to a week. Cream chargers can be found in various sizes, from single-serve units to sets of up to 600. The quantity you need depends on the usage you’ll be doing. If you’re buying cream chargers for commercial use, a set of 24 is ideal. Also, make sure to choose the best quality cream-charger with a shelf life of at least five years. In addition to a longer shelf life, the chargers themselves are leak-proof, and should be made of stainless steel.


There are different brands of cream-chargers on the market. Here is a quick overview of the different brands and what they offer. First, there is BestWhip. This Chinese brand has been in business for over a decade nang bottle and has earned several international certifications. They are known to deliver the highest quality cream chargers in the world. They use the purest nitrous oxide and can produce up to 40 million pcs per month. Their chargers are available in various sizes.

Common uses

There are a few different common uses for cream-chargers. First, they can be used to make delicious fizzy drinks. The airtight seal helps to preserve delicate combinations for up to a week. Then, they can also be used in medical applications. In any case, it’s recommended to purchase a branded version. And finally, they can be a cheap way to create a toxic gas that’s not even legal.


A good source of Cream-chargers price is the Hendi company. This Dutch company specialises in the supply of cutlery, cooking tools and kitchen accessories. The company has a huge range of products and a very client-oriented approach. They even offer delivery of products directly from their stock for wholesale cream-charger enterprises. Hendi cream-chargers are available in packs of 10 or 24 and cost PS9,99 for 24 pieces.