Total Image Group Implements ERP for eCommerce Managing Enterprise

Total Image Group has implemented a custom ERP for its eCommerce managing enterprise. This system improves internal processes, streamlines workflow, and improves customer experience. The integrated web application helps company employees track metrics, compile reports, and review sales statistics. In addition, it provides Total Image Group employees with a comprehensive view of company data. These features allow the company to make better decisions and increase customer satisfaction. Overall, the ERP system has been effective for the company.

Custom ERP for the Total Image Group

When choosing an ERP system, it’s crucial to select one that’s customized to your organization. ERPs are a great way to track employee information, as well as broader workforce trends. They make it easier for HR managers to find details on employee contact information and compensation and benefit information. They also help them analyze employee retention, average pay by title, and promotion rates, and can assist line-of-business managers in their recruitment and development efforts.

When selecting an ERP system, many companies start with a finance module, which automates basic accounting tasks and enables business leaders to see how much cash is available and how it flows. For products-based companies, a finance module can streamline order management and inventory management, which can lead to significant cost savings. In addition to finance, an ERP can integrate with ecommerce applications. It can streamline employee time tracking.

New fashion-focused label Capsule Collection Wardrobe

If you’re looking for a simpler, faster way to dress, capsule wardrobes are for you. These curated collections use a defined color palette and have fewer pieces than a traditional wardrobe. Keeping your capsule wardrobe simple will save you time and money. The pieces in your capsule wardrobe are designed to go together, so you can easily put together an outfit without a lot of thought.

A capsule wardrobe consists of a few key pieces that can be worn in different ways and can transform an outfit from casual to business-ready to fun evening-ready. The minimalist designs and well-made construction of each capsule item create a timeless look that will last for years to come. The company has also committed itself to being environmentally conscious.

Work clothes

Total Image Group is an Australian company that designs and manufactures uniforms for businesses. The company has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and China. It dresses over 300,000 Australians every day. Its philosophy is sustainable fashion and the company partners with Total Image Group  many corporate names. But the business is also a family affair. The founder Pamela Jabbour has a story to tell.

Total Image has a wide range of uniforms for a diverse range of industries. They are also specialists in creating coordinating ranges of uniforms. Their expertise in creating the perfect uniforms helps them create a distinctive corporate image for their clients. Work clothes from Total Image have aesthetic appeal, comfort and durability.